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6 Tips for Landscaping a Small Backyard

Landscaping a Small Backyard

The Best Six Tips for Landscaping a Small BackyardHow to landscape a backyard when you have limited space.

Landscaping a small backyard might not be the easiest task. But it's definitely a doable one. Because style isn't really about size and it's possible to stock to landscape a small backyard with elements that facilitate relaxation, as well as easier, more pleasant entertaining outdoors.
A small backyard can have great style and functionality; our top six tips for landscaping a small backyard will help see it is possible. Reimagine your backyard and learn how to maximize outdoor space the way professional landscape designers do! All these landscaping tips are proven winners and fairly easy to implement.

1.) Establish a View

The first step in landscaping a small backyard is to make sure that there is a view. There should be a nice vantage point from a particular part of the small space.

For example, building or buying a pergola and then installing it at the end of your small backyard will give you something nice to look at from the inside of your house and from the front of the backyard.

As well, it'll give you a great place to relax while you're in the yard! A pergola is a solid option as its lines are straight and clean. Lines of this type tend to make spaces look larger.

Some of these backyard landscaping tips, such as this one, do require some spending. However, all of them are worth their weight in gold in providing a comfortable and inviting place to relax or entertain.

2.) Make Compact Zones in the Backyard

Another tip for landscaping a small backyard is to create smaller zones within an already-compact space. You may do so by grouping outdoor furnishings in one zone. Or by creating pathways and adding flower beds.

When you break up the open areas, it will actually seem bigger. Even though at first, it may seem like it will have the opposite effect. If a space is already small, it will be possible to give it a bit of intimacy with these smaller zones.

Think of them as small nooks where people can get away from the busy world outside. These spaces boost comfort and this is important for any backyard.

3.) Use Color to Best Advantage of Your Small Backyard

If you want to make your small backyard a beautiful place, don't be afraid of vibrant color. When you add jolts of bright color, the smallness of the space won't be the first thing that you or other people notice.

For example, a little outdoor bistro set in cherry red or bright yellow will wake up your backyard. It will draw the eye away from any imperfections.

4.) Use Perspective to Make Things Seem Bigger

A compact backyard doesn't have to look really small. When you use perspective to your advantage, it will seem larger.

For example, establish a focal point and then slant lines towards one another. You may use fencing, a pergola, and flowers planted in rows to establish the lines and perspective that you need. This is a clever way to landscape a small yard.

If you get the hang of perspective, you'll be able to dress up your backyard like a pro landscape designer would, without needing to pay an expert to get the job done for you.

5.) Landscaping a Small Backyard with Eclectic Elements that Liven Up the Area

When you add enough beautiful and eclectic elements to a small backyard, it's compact size definitely won't be the first thing people take note of. So bring in the fun!

For example, when you add paving stones, grass, containers with plants inside of them and hardscaping elements, such as benches and water features, there will be a lot going on visually, which detracts from the limited size of the yard.

Landscaping a small backyard in this way is designed to promote superb style in a small space.

6.) Go Vertical!

Do you know what's the best thing do to when you don't have a lot of space? To switch from a horizontal perspective to a vertical one. In this way, you can incorporate as many elements as you want without overcrowding the space.

A great option is terraced landscaping. For example, you can elevate the dining area to create the illusion of more space. Or you can lower the area designated for relaxation.

If you can't alleviate or lower specific areas, don't despair! You can still be able to create a clutter-free elevated space. How? By gardening vertically.

If you grow your garden vertically, you gain a lot of space you can use for other things. The good news is that you have many different options for your vertical garden. You can mount flower pots onto the walls, place a few hanging baskets here and there or stack crates of greenery.

Many people think a small backyard means they have to give up on something. In most cases, they choose to give up plants because they need a place to sit. But as you know now, there really isn't a point in doing that when you can garden vertically.

Start Landscaping a Small Backyard Today

Now that you know these tips for landscaping a small space, why not move forward and make a plan? Planning turns dreams into goals so choose one, a couple or all of these tips for landscaping your backyard and then prepare to enjoy your new and stunning small yard.

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