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How to Keep a Moss Pole Moist: 7 Proven Methods

how to keep moss pole moist

Apart from being attractive, moss poles are the way to train certain plants to grow upwards instead of growing outward or down. To better understand how it works, think of them like a tree bark that some types of plants tend to climb. The aerial roots of the plants will latch onto the moss pole for support as the plant grows.

Just remember, climbing plants require some attention to thrive well. Moss poles come in handy to ensure that your plants experience incredible upward growth and healthy leaves. The secret is to make sure that the moss pole stays moist for extended periods to retain the water perpetually.

It is crucial to keep the poles moist, particularly where tropical plants are involved. The poles act as your plant’s alternative source of humidity and ensure the leaves turn out healthy. Also, the pole allows the plant to climb higher in the search for more moisture and sunlight.

Here are 7 proven methods to keep a moss pole damp enough to get plants to grow on it.

1. Utilize Humidifiers to Keep the Environment Humid

Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. It calls for more humidity than usual if tropical plants are growing indoors. Humidifiers help retain the water inside the moss pole for more extended periods.

The humidifier will heat the water until evaporation occurs.

Subsequently, the released water vapor will keep the pole moist.

2. Raise The Moss Pole in a Moist Environment Away from Direct Sunlight

Sunlight is essential for the optimal growth of plants; without it, photosynthesis cannot take place. However, the sun’s heat can evaporate water from the plant leading to withering. Therefore, it pays to keep the moss pole in a cool environment that’s away from direct sunlight.

In this way, the pole will maintain its moisture levels. Ideal places to keep the moss pole include the bathroom, laundry room, or any shady spot in your home.

Another great option would be to keep the poles in rooms with air conditioners and fans.

3. A Bottle with Slow Dripping Holes at the Top 

This basic automatic watering device is another superb solution for keeping a moss pole wet. You require a plastic bottle matching your moss pole’s size and binding wire or tape.

Make 3-4 holes with a hot needle in the bottle’s cap, fill the container with water, and put the caps on.

Next, attach the bottle to the top of the moss pole with the cap facing down, and use the tape or wire to make it secure.

4. Apply a Wicking System

The wicking system uses the capillary action of water to ensure that the moss pole stays moist. The system utilizes a synthetic wick or string to absorb water from a reservoir, say a bucket, and convey it to the plant.

This system is easy to install and a pretty inexpensive way to ensure that your moss pole retains its wetness.

5. Spray the Moss Pole Regularly

An additional method of ensuring that your moss pole stays moist is regularly spraying it with water. It would help if you did this several times every week.

Keep in mind that the water must reach the plant’s adventitious (aerial) roots, utilizing the moisture to absorb water when necessary.

You can also regularly pour water down the moss pole to keep the moisture levels high.

6. Make a Pebble Tray

Pebble trays are shallow dishes or trays packed with water, rocks, or tiny pebbles. By placing the plant on the pebble dish, the pole will get the moisture it needs as the water evaporates.

Since most plants ‘hate’ their feet getting wet and can lead to rotting, the pebbles will prevent that. A pebble tray is an affordable and easy way of ensuring that your moss pole gets moisture.

7. Avoid Windy Areas

While wind is essential for the plant’s growth, excessive wind will devastate your plants, especially the tall ones. Too much wind will additionally cause rapid evaporation of moisture.

Keeping the moss pole away from windy rooms will ensure that the pole retains moisture for longer.

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