Low Maintenance Garden Ideas – Our Top 10

3. Green Walls

Although surprising, Low maintenance garden ideas include green walls. A step up from the usual vertical garden, green walls take it further by decking the whole wall in gorgeous foliage. Perfect for small spaces, apartment balconies, and even indoors – you can grow virtually anything on a green wall!

From ornamental plants to root crops and vegetables- having a green wall can be tuned to your needs and your level of gardening experience.

The best part? You can build a green wall out of anything!  Spray painted tin cans, simple clay pots, gutter material, and even wooden planks. Saving you as much money as it does space.

In a nutshell, a green wall is a vertically suspended panel and plants are watered by using hydroponics. Green walls take up very little space, are easier to prune and harvest, and are such a beautiful addition to any space.

Therefore, if you are already used to working with potted plants, a vertical problem is no challenge!


2. Tech to the Rescue!

Here’s something for those who are still cultivating a green thumb- get a little help from your smartphone! A little tech can go a long way! New apps are being released all the time for virtually any issue on the gardening book!

Need help finding the right light in your home? When to water your plan? In 2021, there’s an app or device for that.

Plants usually die from a lack or surplus of sun or water. Therefore, finding that balance is now made worlds easier. So, as you join the community of garden enthusiasts, here are some devices and apps that we recommend: 

  • Wondering if it’s too much or too little light? There’s an app for that! It’s easy as taking a photo too! Plant Light Meter lets you point your phone camera at the light source and lets you know if the light is just right. 
  • Not enough light in your space?  These Gardener’s Supply grow light will provide your plants with the right amount of light it needs to grow lush and beautiful.
  • If you keep forgetting to water, self-watering plants are here to save the day! These definitely are not a new thing, but they have saved a houseplant (or 10).
  • Moisture meters are a lifesaver! Now, some plants can be a bit temperamental- needing moist, but not soggy soil. It can sometimes be hard to figure that out so, these moisture meters are your best friend! We recommend the Smart Plant Tracker (plant health readouts are available on its accompanying app) and the Sustee Aquameter

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