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The Differences Between the Best Decking Material

Best Decking Material

How to Choose the Best Decking Material for Your Space

Whether you want to build a beautiful new deck yourself or wish to hire a local contractor to do the hard work for you, you’ll benefit from learning how to choose the best decking material. Today, we’re here to help, so we’re going to let you know which decking material options are out there.

No deck material is right for everyone. Learning about the different types of material choices will help you to make a wise and informed decision about what is right for you.

Pressure-treated Lumber is Popular

This lumber has a green tinge and many people do consider it to be the best decking material. In fact, over seventy-five percent of consumers select this material for their deck-building projects.

It’s reasonable in price, it’s available almost everywhere and it’s made from yellow pine from the south. After it’s harvested, it’s treated so that it’s resistant to wood-boring insects, fungus, and rot. Clearly, this is a big advantage!

This decking material is not without its drawbacks as it is not that stable dimensionally, so it is prone to warping, splitting and cracking.

Redwood or Cedar Are High-end Materials

Other candidates for the best decking material are redwood and cedar. People who are discerning tend to gravitate towards these beautiful woods. They are both softwoods from the west and both offer gorgeous color. Also, both types are free of preservatives or chemicals.

These woods are naturally resistant to decay, rot, and bugs, due to their oil and tannin content. Heartwood is the preferred form of Redwood or Cedar, as it’s harder and stronger. Other parts of these trees may produce softer wood which is more prone to damage.

Tropical Hardwoods are Luxurious Options

If you want the ultimate in style from your deck, you should consider tropical hardwoods, such as tigerwood, Philippine mahogany, and Massaranduba. These hardwoods have a rich appearance. In terms of appeal, any of these woods will give an exotic flair.

As well, tropical hardwoods are extremely durable. They resist insects and rot due to their superior hardness. On the flip side, this type of decking may be difficult to work with, due to its hardness. Also, they are typically rather costly.

Which Deck Material Is Right For You?

We’ve shared information about some of the best decking material options. Hopefully, our design ideas will make it easier for you to choose the material which is perfect for your tastes and budget.

You may order decking material online or find it in your own community. If you plan to buy material locally, you’ll benefit from comparing prices online, at local retailer websites, such as hardware stores.

It’s important to comparison-shop for lumber. Choose a trusted supplier and select wood from an established and respected manufacturer. Then, use your wood to create the deck of your dreams.

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