5 Garden Styles That Homeowners Love

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Discover 5 Beautiful Garden Styles

Your home garden should be a treasured part of your property. When you choose a garden style which suits your tastes and blends well with the architectural features of your house, you'll be able to go out into your garden and truly relax.

Your garden will allow you to contemplate the natural beauty which is all around you! If you love to entertain, you should know that all of the garden styles that we're going to talk about today will function as perfect backdrops for barbecues and picnics.

Even if you rent a smaller space and don't have much outdoor square footage to work with, you'll find that there is one garden on our list which is perfect for city dwellers (it's known as an urban garden).

Today, we'd like to share information about five garden styles which are popular, serene and very different from one another.

Japanese Gardens Are Peaceful Garden Styles

Japanese garden styles are spare, elegant and intriguing. If you love simplicity, you'll find that creating a traditional Japanese garden is a great way to add refined beauty to your property.

Typical features of classical Japanese gardens include stones, water, lanterns (usually, one lantern per garden), plants and bridges.

All of these garden design elements have symbolic meaning. For example, stones are symbols of longevity and the power of nature's forces.

This is one of the styles that pair well with modern architecture. If your home has modern, clean lines, garden styles like this will enhance them.

Urban Gardens Are Space-saving Garden Styles

In the city, space is usually at a premium. For example, a condo owner might have a terrace which doubles as a garden, or a small courtyard to convert into a garden. Luckily, it's possible to create wonderful urban garden styles, even with limited space.

Common features of urban garden designs are container planters, stone benches (or patio furniture or metal bistro sets), herb gardens and paver stone walkways.

Obviously, the dimensions of garden styles spaces are going to dictate how many elements may be added to these urban gardens. Some people plant veggies or fruit vertically in order to use space more efficiently.

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Learn About Mediterranean Garden Styles

Mediterranean garden styles are vibrant and sun-dappled and they usually feature mosaic tiles, as well as plants which thrive in warmer climates, such as palms, tree ferns, and bay topiary. A lot of these garden designs are also places with fragrant lavender.

If you want a true Mediterranean look, consider adding boulders in lighter shades. They are features of many Mediterranean landscapes. Lay down mosaic tiles in a square of the garden and then place outdoor furniture on top.

These garden styles are also styles which often have water features, such as pretty fountains.

English Garden Styles Are Very Traditional

English garden styles are tranquil outdoor spaces which showcase green lawns, tree groves and historically-inspired hardscaping design elements, such as recreations of ancient temples or Gothic ruins.

While the size and scale of an English garden will play a role in how many features may be added, the larger ones tend to have lakes.

A smaller cottage may feature a smaller garden, which doesn't have a lake or reproductions of ancient temples or ruins. It may have a bench which is classically-inspired, as well as sprays of Lady's Mantle, lavender, Sweet William, and Peony.

Refined French Garden Styles

The penultimate example of a French Garden would be the garden at Versailles. Versailles was the home of an array of French Royals and its exquisite grounds are a shining example of the refined, manicured beauty of French garden styles.

With this style of garden, the house is the focus and there are usually paths which lead outwork from the home. Utilize geometric plans as symmetry is a chief concern. In general, a central axis will lead away from the home, which is perpendicular to the residence.

Examples of popular plants found in French garden designs include Bougainvillea climbing plants, roses, Acacia trees and Phormium Tenax grasses.

Which Garden Is Right For You?

Now that you know five garden styles which add beauty and serenity to properties, you'll be able to choose the one which is right for your home's architectural features and grounds.

For more ideas on beautiful and exotic garden styles from around the world, check out what else our experts from Better Landscaping have to say.