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Popular Japanese Garden Designs


japanese garden designs

Japanese gardens are popular for their beauty. The classical Zen garden has meditative spirituality. Japanese gardens are popular for being beautiful and creating a peaceful ambiance in mind. Their styles are distinct and they have a great connection to Japan’s history.

Dry Landscape Garden

This is one of the most common types of Japanese garden designs. It is popularly known as en Garden.

It is a type of gardening that features all elements of Japanese gardening except for water. The design uses gravel instead of water. The gravel creates the impression of a dry river.

Study Garden

This is one of the oldest Japanese garden designs. It is different from other garden types because its design does not allow visitors to walk around.

The purpose of growing the garden is having something to look at like a painting. It commonly starts with a pond that is close to the visitor. It leads on in an incline. The garden features stonework and little shrubs.

Strolling Garden

These Japanese garden designs date from as far back as 1863. They are also known as Daimyo gardens. The gardens reflect the wealth and intellect of their owners. The gardens allow you to establish a viewing sequence.

Courtyard Gardens

These gardens grow within the walls of a residence. They are also known as Tsuboniwa. The gardens are effective in regulating the temperature and airflow of a home especially during the warmer months of the year. They include water features for functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Japanese gardens are a popular choice for most gardeners because they offer tranquility and charm that you cannot experience with other gardening styles.

The style is distinctive and you can enjoy the gardens at all times of the year. Choose the right Japanese gardening style depending on your functional and aesthetic needs.