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Small Yards Landscape Design for Big Curb Appeal


small yards landscape design

Small yards can be a challenge when you want to create curb appeal that makes a big splash. However, limited space doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do substantial things.

Limited space often means that all your efforts will be more noticeable and substantially boost your curb appeal. In fact, there are strategic ways to enhance your small yards landscape design to create a tremendous impact.

Make Every Inch Count with Small Yards Landscape Design

Landscaping a small yard requires focus and attention to detail. Pay attention to fencing and other hardscape features first.

Make sure that your fencing and other barriers are the proper height, don’t overpower your yard, or make it look choppy.

Be Creative with Plants

Plants can make a small yard look expansive if you know how to arrange them. Use various plants of different colors, textures, and heights. Using plants in this way creates the illusion of depth. This can make your yard look bigger.

In addition, it’s always a good idea to choose flowers that bloom at different times so that your flower beds are never barren. Small yards landscape design leaves a lot of room for creativity when it comes to plants.

Pavers and Natural Stone

Pavers and natural stones that carve a path to your front door or backyard give the illusion of more space.

Stoneways elongate a yard by creating a path to another area. Both natural stone and pavers give the illusion of depth and add interest and appeal.

Small yards landscape design that adds interest and creates the illusion of more space, isn’t difficult. It requires the clever use of hardscapes, plants, and pavers that add interest and depth to your yard. All these finishing touches create the illusion of a bigger yard and add tons of curb appeal.