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Top Modern Landscaping Ideas


modern landscaping ideas

Top modern landscaping ideas are characterized by an uncluttered look and clean edges. In fact, this landscaping design is perfect for the modern or contemporary home.

Additionally, it can add a touch of refreshing juxtaposition to a home with a traditional architectural design.

What Should You Consider?

Coming up with the perfect modern landscape has much or even more to do with the materials than it does with plants.

As a result, most modern landscapes feature concrete steps, patios, paths, and even planters – completely filled with metal and wood accents.

Top Trends in Modern Landscaping Designs

1. Concrete and Tiles

There has been a trend in the use of concrete or tiles – cut into shapes forming right angles – in modern landscape design plans. The advantage of using concrete lies in the ease of maintaining it.

2. Potted Plants

Potted plants are then neatly arranged in rows or even in pairs flanking the front door. This design is used to soften the sharp edges of modern homes and add some colors to it.

3. Grass Lawn

A grass lawn is also added to loosen up the gravel-filled beds and concrete that make up the majority of the design.

4. Distinctive Plants

Distinctive plants and pale colors work best. In fact, the traditional wandering vines, wooly and wild, as well as flowering shrubs, are out of place. Going for so many plants at a go will definitely lead to a more traditional aesthetic.

Consider getting some of the trendy options from Amazon such as Japanese boxwoods, foxtail ferns, bamboo, and even a mountain laurel which are easy to maintain.

With all the above tips, you are not yet ready. You need to think about the location of the plants. How can you fit each of these together? Remember, curves never work and meandering paths are a sure way of spoiling the aesthetics.