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Landscaping Ideas for English Garden Designs


english garden designs

If you are looking for ideas to come up with the English garden designs of your dreams, you have plenty of options. Your plantings, colors, and design must deliberately suit the English style of gardening. The following are some of the ideas to create beautiful English garden designs.

Use the Right Flowers

English gardens are usually associated with roses. You may grow climbing roses, shrub roses, or old garden roses. Modern English gardens may include clematis hybrids. They add the classic appeal to your garden. There are many species of Clematis that you may use for your garden.

Consider Your Climate

When planting your English garden, stick to tried and tested plants. Do not experiment with plants that are not known to thrive in your area.

Even though traditional English gardens grow flowers such as poppy, cosmos, and nicotiana, you do not have to stick with them. You may achieve the same effect by growing native wildflowers.

Green and White

If you want to achieve a classic look, consider mixing up the colors white and green. Consider investing in white gravel paths and a lot of green plants.

You may also include a water fountain to act as the central point. Bright green plants that may be suitable for the garden include; Fringe flower and Australian tree fern.

Garden Structures

Garden structures are an important part of all English garden designs. Some structures you need to add include; arbors, the seating arrangement, and gazebos. The structures you choose should give your garden the feel of an outdoor room that is part of your home.

If you value formality, English garden designs will be appealing to you. Their classic style, simplicity, and good looks make the gardens a great choice for all gardening enthusiasts.