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Trending Front Yard Landscape Designs


Front Yard Landscape Designs

Your front yard gives visitors their first impression of who you are. A great way to make the right impression is to use new front yard landscape designs to create an unforgettable display.

Walkways and Porches

Well-placed walkways can bring just the right design element to your front yard.

Curving walkways that mimic the curves of the architecture add appeal while complementing the structural lines. They are also a fabulous way to turn a big, open space into several separate areas.

Porches aren’t just for farmhouses anymore! Adding an attractive border to an existing porch improves its curb appeal while creating a breezy outdoor room.

Brightly colored potted plants placed at the edges of the steps create a striking display as guests climb to a cozy front porch.

Using Color in Front Yard Landscape Designs

Bright, vibrant color adds an instant pop of style to any front yard. Finding the right place to plant flowers can be tricky, however.

The edges of walkways and buildings are the perfect place to line an interesting pattern of brightly colored plants for extra visual impact. Potted flowers are a great way to add natural beauty that will get noticed.

Add Vertical Impact

Don’t restrict your front yard landscape designs to the ground! Look for structural opportunities to breathe new life into your yard.

Trellises and pillars provide the perfect backdrop for climbing roses or clematis. Build a pergola for vining plants and climbers to use as a foundation.

Trees are also a great way to add a visual and vertical impact to your front yard.

Try a Brand-New Lawn

Who said that you had to plant a traditional grass lawn? One alternative is silver carpet (Dymondia margaretae).

Great for ground cover, this drought-tolerant plant can also tolerate foot traffic and keep its good looks.