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Backyard Landscape Designs for Every Personality


backyard landscape designs

Your front yard is like your calling card to the world. But the backyard is your intimate retreat from that world. So, when considering backyard landscape designs, consider how your family wants to use that space.

Whether you plan to barbeque, host casual dinner parties, or just get away from it all, build the backyard of your dreams.

Create Privacy with Backyard Landscape Designs

Many people assume that all privacy methods for the backyard involve wooden fencing. While this is certainly a fine option, there are other ways to create the effect of an enclosure.

Shrub borders are perfect as natural border markers. Planting small trees or shrubs along the boundary behind your home adds beauty and privacy.

Measure the space carefully between each one, to allow enough room to grow to maturity.

Patios, Decks, and Outdoor Rooms

Building a deck is often an excellent option for a backyard that is on a slope. It turns unusable space into a fun entertaining area for friends and family.

Another option is to build retaining walls at the base of the slope and make a brick patio. This will help curb the erosion of your yard and give you a prime spot for outdoor dinners.

If you like to barbeque, a multi-purpose outdoor room gives you the space to enjoy it.

These rooms also give you a safe place to play with the kids or find sanctuary on a stressful day. For the serious chef, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen is a summertime ideal.

Beautiful Garden Sanctuary

Sometimes, we all need a break from the intensity of modern life.

For a private retreat, create backyard landscape designs that evoke an atmosphere of serenity. Consider the aromas of the plants you choose. Plants like lavender have soothing qualities.

Add water features to create a soothing environment you will want to relax in every day.