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The ABC’s of Tropical Landscape Design


tropical landscape design

Are you thinking about tropical landscape design for your lawn or garden? If so, there’s plenty you should consider before making this choice.

Tropical plants and vegetation thrive in warm moist climates. As a result, a warm climate is the first pre-requisite. However, there are other variables that you should consider as well.

What You Need to Know

Many tropical plants bloom year round. This is one of the main reasons why a warm humid climate is a necessity.

In addition, tropical plants grow and bloom faster than other plants because of the constant moisture. Rapid growth usually means frequent maintenance, however. As a result, you need to determine where you do and don’t want your plants to grow.

If you’d like to create a tropical landscape design in your front yard you’ll need to leave space for stairs, walkways, and pavers. These areas will also need to be trimmed so that plants don’t overtake them.

In addition, consider the amount of sunlight your yard gets and choose plants accordingly.

Creating a Tropical Landscape Design

Fortunately, tropical landscaping is free-flowing and natural. There’s no need to prune bushes into perfect geometric shapes. The true beauty of this type of landscaping is its natural lushness and unpretentious form.

You’ll need to consider your soil quality, however. Tropical plants don’t flourish in soil that’s sandy and too moist. Poor soil quality results in weak lamp plants.

The Obvious

Above all things, keep in mind that tropical landscape design is best suited for warm moist climates. This type of landscaping won’t survive climates that are cold and icy. This is why tropical landscaping is dependant on a compatible microclimate and quality soil.

Few would debate the fact that a tropical design is lush, colorful, and eye-catching. However, the practicality of this type of landscaping rests on the ability to understand its needs and constraints.