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14 Flowers You Can Plant In A Tropical Flower Garden

tropical flower garden hibiscusA tropical flower garden provides an unmatched appeal to your garden and home. The beautiful, vibrant colors of tropical gardens can transform the most ordinary gardens into an accommodating retreat.

There are many types of flowers that you can grow in your tropical flower garden. You may try to grow some of these plants in your tropical flower garden.

1. Hibiscus

This is a great tropical flower garden that is relatively easy to grow even by beginners. It can provide blooms throughout the year with regular watering and adequate exposure to sunlight. In addition, this plant usually attracts butterflies.

Consider choosing the variety that matches your tropical flower garden color scheme. Hibiscus blooms have a wide range of shades including pink, white, purple, yellow, orange and red. Some hibiscus varieties have bi-colored blooms that can combine well with other flowers.

2. Bromeliad

This tropical flower attracts the attention of both insects and people. The plant belongs to a family of trees that includes pineapples and Spanish moss. Bromeliad is popular among many gardeners because of its exotic appearance and unfussy nature.

Bromeliad can withstand a whole range of temperatures from near freezing to moderately hot. The flower has special leaves that absorb moisture from the air. Therefore, it does well in highly humid areas.

3. Clivia

Also known as the natal lily, clivia is a favorite tropical flower garden plant due to its tough nature and ability to do well in low lighting. In addition, the plant thrives with minimal fertilizer and in a crowded pot.

4. Chenille Plant

This tropical plant does well with adequate water and sunlight. It may need supplementary lighting with glow lights to overwinter.

5. Orchid

There are many varieties of orchids that you can try to grow if you have not experienced success with the exotic plants. One of the most popular orchid varieties is the moth orchid. This plant is incredibly forgiving, especially for beginners.

Many gardeners prefer to grow orchids as a collection because of the low bloom count of the plant. However, you may also try to grow one for a few months and then increase the number of orchids in your collection with time.

tropical flower garden orchid

6. Jasmine

Jasmine is a favorite tropical flower because of two benefits: amazing fragrance and height. In addition, Jasmine is a hardy plant that can withstand moderate winter temperatures. The plant produces flowers throughout spring and early fall and needs to remain indoors through winter.

Despite its slender stature, Jasmine can experience vigorous growth, which can be kept in check through regular pruning. The plant does well with full or partial sunlight and regular watering.

If you decide to grow your Jasmine in an indoor tropical flower garden, give it bright, indirect light and place it in a cool location.

7. Ginger

Flowering ginger plants are not only aromatic but also quite beautiful. These plants make excellent flower options for people with little or no direct sunlight in their landscapes. However, the plant does well in hot and humid conditions.

8. Protea

This is a staple in many tropical flower gardens due to its long-lasting blooms. Native to Africa, protea provides fuzzy and drought resistant blossoms. In addition, the plant is resistant to frost and can stay outdoors throughout the year.

9. Bougainvillaea

A popular plant in Mediterranean countries, bougainvillaea thrives in sunny and dry climates. The plant requires a full day of sunlight, which means that you should not plant to overwinter bougainvillaea indoors.

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tropical flower garden Bougainvillaea

10. Anthurium

Also known as flamingo flowers, Anthurium thrives in highly humid areas. There are many varieties of anthurium with a wide range of flower hues including red, white, burgundy and pink. This plant does well in rich and moist soils.

11. Medinilla

The pink maiden prefers shaded spots and the same type of maintenance as orchids. You can grow yours in a pot of orchid bark with moderate amounts of watering.

12. Penta

This plant attracts lots of butterflies and hummingbirds with its red, pink and purple blooms. Its beautiful clusters of flowers appear all summer. Penta thrives in full sun, well-drained soils and moderate watering.

13. Canna

This plant is widely available and is known for its rapid growth. It is one of the best tropical plants for people who have soggy or boggy soil in their tropical flower garden. It can even grow on standing water. Taller varieties require compost or manure at least once a week.

14. Angel's Trumpet

This plant produces bell-shaped flowers in late summer. Angel's trumpet thrives in partial sun and with regular watering. Prune it in fall before bringing it indoors to overwinter.

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