Modern Landscaping Ideas for Stylish and Practical Design

Modern Landscaping Ideas

Sustainable Modern Landscaping Ideas

Many modern landscaping ideas relate to sustainability in some way. People want to enjoy well-landscaped areas without being concerned about the environmental impact involved. Many people are also living in areas that are suffering from droughts.

Lots of designers are looking for grass substitutes, for instance. Grass needs to be watered heavily, and finding a replacement for it can instantly make a landscape more sustainable.

Artificial grass is becoming popular today. It's also common to see stone and gravel gardens now.

These areas might not entirely use stone or gravel. However, geometric sections that feature stone and gravel can allow people to moderate their water consumption.

They can have grass in some areas and gravel in others, creating a mix of textures and colors and saving money in the process.

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Effective Modern Landscape Design

Aloe, cacti, and other succulents are also becoming popular today. People can beautify their landscapes by choosing these plants.

Just switching to planting succulents instead of other plants can save people money, since these plants will naturally conserve water. For this reason, succulents should be popular to plant for a while.

Some people are using sustainable design in a way that will only make a yard look more unique. Tiered gardens are becoming more common today, and many of them will use concrete.

People are also making better use of the features that they do have. Their porches can contribute to the design of the overall landscape.

It's possible to use plants sparingly but dramatically by using the right sort of placement. Sustainable design is giving people plenty of chances to be creative, and many modern landscaping ideas are truly different. They don't just echo the past.

Top Urban Design Features

Whether drought-tolerance or sustainability is important to you or not, modern landscaping design naturally gives these features. The overall style of urban landscaping is minimalist features and clean straight lines.

The opposite comparison is an English style garden which tends to be very lush, sometimes over-grown and allowed to grow naturally.

Urban or modern landscaping, on the other hand, is conservative with striking bold features and sharp right angles. This garden style also incorporates a lot more modern features such as stone, concrete or even chains than more traditional styles.

Rectangles and squares are the most common shapes found in urban yards.

Common plants do include drought-tolerant plants like succulents, but also, grasses, shrubs, and trees with an emphasis on green foliage more than flowering colors. Stone and gravel are also often used to replace plants or grass.

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