River Rock Landscaping

river rock landscaping

With centuries of rushing water, mother nature has blessed us with beautiful rocks that can be used for river rock landscaping. The river stones are stunning, easy to install, and they are versatile.

This type of décor provides a dazzling look to the outdoor space and accentuate the yard with gorgeous looks. The benefit of using pebbles is that they don't need any prior preparation before installation.

In this regard, let's explore some amazing ideas for river rock landscaping.

1. Water Simulation

This river rock landscaping technique simulates water, mimicking looks similar to a pond or a creek. Landscapers sometimes put water in it for a complete look. But even when water is not used, the technique still brings out the perfect finish.

This design goes well with the integration of bridges over the pond or creek and beautiful flowers around them. Using larger and flat river rocks helps to bring out a realistic heightening effect.

2. River Rock Landscaping for Gravel Driveway

Gravel is a perfect driveway solution as it does not sink under a heavy load of traffic as compared to asphalt and concrete. The design absorbs water preventing the possibility of run-offs.

Even better, this form of river rock landscaping is easy to install. It provides stunning and versatile options for the driveways. More importantly, it is an affordable alternative that requires minimal effort to maintain.

3. Tiles

The technique involves using varying sizes of river rocks to create tiles. Always remember not to use a tile look together with grass as it produces a contrasting aesthetic effect. Landscapers usually integrate multi-toned river rocks with light grey stones to produce an appealing visual stunning effect.

4. Flower Beds

A perimeter around the flowers made of river stone is always a great option. The technique involves the use of multi-colored river rocks and beautiful flowers to produce beautiful looks.

With the ability of stones to prevent erosion and holding heat, your flower garden is bound to flourish for sure. This design is also a great option for other plants in your garden as well.

In arid regions, the use of river rocks together with cactus beds is always a great plus. With a neutral rock garden plants grow naturally and flourish.

rive rock landscaping stones

5. Drains

Leakage from drains that cause flooding in the house is a pain in the neck. Apart from leading to costly plumbing expenses, they may also flood your house damaging your valuables.

The Good news is that using the river rock landscaping technique on your drain is a great way to mitigate these shortcomings. Your yard will look stunning while diverting water before it accumulates in your house.

The process of installing this type of river rock landscaping starts with digging a trench in areas with good drainage. Then you place a pipe and cover it with permeable river rocks.

The technique perfectly simulates a river and your drains look very natural.

6. Gutter System

Stormwater from gutters easily forms pools on the yard and this a common problem with many homeowners. However, with an easy and efficient way of using river rock landscaping, you can easily solve the problem.

The process involves building a channel below the drain and covering it with river rocks. Then you should direct the channel where you want the water to go.

If you don't have a comprehensive drainage system you may consider directing the water into the streets.

7. Erosion Control

Exposed and loose topsoil is subject to erosion after a downpour or through wind and traffic erosion. And with your precious garden, you can't afford it as erosion carries away useful plant nutrients and exposing the roots as well.

Unprotected topsoil also cannot absorb water effectively, which leads to exposure to underneath land compromising the appearance of your bed. Runoff water can also affect the integrity of your home's foundation.

The good news is that you can use permeable river rock to protect your topsoil from erosion. The rocks should be laid upon plants and flowers. You may also form a perimeter around them for a stunning look effect.

river rock landscaping paths

8. Pathways

Alike driveways, river rock provides an ideal solution for creating long-lasting pathways with just a few easy steps. More importantly, the material is cheap and creates beautiful pathways.

River rocks have a great feature of not caving in under heavy traffic. More importantly, they allow water to drain below them preventing mud.

This is an amazing technique to create pathways that blend and compliment the nature around them.

9. Keeping the Grass Back

Sometimes grass may grow out of control spreading to the house foundation. Instead of mowing, you may opt for a permanent solution by creating a border between the grass and the house with river rock.

These rocks also block splutter water from getting to the wall. And with these barriers in place, mowing lawns becomes much easier. More importantly, they provide extra spaces where you can plant beautiful flowers and shrubs.

Final Thoughts

With all the ideas above, it is obvious that river rocks provide endless options for home décor and have a myriad of functions. They are beautiful even when in the stream, which means with this landscaping technique, creating appealing spaces is guaranteed.

Ranging from creating barriers around paths, pools, or driveways, river rock landscaping provides a cheap and easy way to add zest to your outdoor space.

For more information on landscaping, read more about urban landscaping.

With centuries of rushing water, mother nature has blessed us with beautiful rocks that can be used for river rock landscaping. The river stones are stunning, easy to install, and they are versatile.

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