Beautiful Japanese Garden Designs for Small Spaces

Japanese Garden Designs for Small Spaces

Top 3 Japanese Garden Designs for Small Spaces

Japanese garden designs for small spaces offer elegance which is beyond compare. If you're a fan of the Japanese design aesthetic, why not plan a Japanese garden of your own?

This type of traditional garden comes in three categories. There are hill gardens, dry gardens, and Chaniwa gardens. Choose your preferred style in order to give your outdoor space a touch of spare and beautiful Japanese style. If you appreciate tasteful landscaping, you'll find that this type of design is a fine match for your own style sensibility.

1.) The Japanese Hill Garden

If you have a hill on your property, you may adorn it by adding Maples and Cherry Blossoms. These gorgeous trees blossom in vibrant colors and add plenty of Japanese-inspired beauty. Japanese garden designs for small spaces often have enough room for a tree or two, so do consider adding one to a hilly area.

Certain trees are ideal choices for slopes, including the Mountain Maple and Big Leaf Maple. Cherry Blossom Trees, with their gorgeous pink blossoms, are also perfect for hilly areas.

2.) Japanese Dry Gardens

Japanese dry gardens are also great choices for small spaces. This type of garden may also be known as a Japanese rock garden, Zen garden or dry landscape garden. If you want a low-maintenance style with Japanese flair be sure to consider this garden design.

To create this Japanese garden designs in an authentic way, you should know that they are designed to be viewed from a seated position which is outside of the garden.

Typically, these garden are compact and shielded by walls. They are meant to be contemplative spaces. Waterfalls and gravel “rivers” are typical features of these Japanese spaces.

3.) Chaniwa Gardens

Other Japanese garden designs for small spaces include the Chaniwa gardens. They are often referred to as tea gardens.

These gardens are common sights in Japan and they are designed based on the tea ceremony which is so traditionally Japanese. With a tea garden, there is a small outbuilding, called a tea ceremony house, and people go there to perform the tea ceremony.

As well, the garden will usually feature lanterns made of stone and basins made of stone. It's simple to decorate these gardens. If you don't actually want to build a tea house, just focus on the tea garden designs which do feature stone elements.

Look for the Right Plants and Accessories

Whether you choose one of these three Japanese garden ideas for your small space or prefer to experiment with your own versions, you should know that it's possible to create the right look by choosing the perfect plants and accessories.

Look for shrubs, trees, and flowers which feature real Japanese gardens and then see if they will grow well in your own climate.

Next, focus on finding stones and Japanese-inspired garden accessories. Building a Japanese garden in a small space is a lot of fun, so why not plan out your own Japanese garden today?

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