Top 3 Patio Water Features for Homes

Add Ambiance and Serenity to Your Garden Space with Patio Water Features

Water features add so much visual impact to outdoor spaces. When you choose to install patio water features, you'll create a tranquil effect which turns your patio into a sanctuary.

Today, we're going to share a few water features which are stylish and impressive. One of these may be perfect for your exterior space.

1.) Consider an Illuminated Relaxation Fountain

Modern patio water features often include exciting extras. One of these features extras is illumination. If you enjoy hanging out on the patio after sunset, going for a fountain which includes illumination will ensure that you access plenty of ambiance, as well as a little bit of light which makes it easier to see!

Patio water designs of this type may cost a little more, but they really deliver in terms of creating an appealing and soothing mood.

2.) Go for a Buddha Water Fountain

If you want to turn your patio into a veritable Zen garden, we recommend a Buddha water fountain. These types of water features showcase the Buddha, who was known for giving up his worldly pleasures for the sake of enlightenment.

If you're a spiritual person, you may find that contemplating the Buddha via your water feature is very fulfilling. As well, Buddhas depicted in patio fountains tend to have very serene facial expressions which help to make patios peaceful and happy places!

3.) Center Stone Patio Water Designs are Popular Choices

If you have a patio which is on the ground and made from paving stones or other types of flat stones, you should know that choosing center stone water features will be a sophisticated way to add beauty to your patio.

These center stone fountains blend into paving stone-style patios beautifully. Water bubbles up from a flat stone which looks a lot like other stones in the patio. This unique and innovative patio design option is definitely an ultra-modern and minimalist choice.

Shop for Patio Water Features Today

You deserve a patio which is a wonderful escape from the cares of the day. With an elegant water design, you'll be ready to enjoy serenity every time that you step onto your patio.

Some of these patio water features are budget-priced, with cost-conscious consumers in mind. Others are mid-range or high-end in price. As you can see, there are patio water ideas for everyone.

The key to shopping smart for water features is finding styles that you like and then pricing them across a host of online retailers.

In general, we do recommend shopping online, as many retailers that operate online offer patio water features for lower prices, because the companies have lower overhead.

However, you'll also find water features in many local hardware stores and garden supply stores. You'll have tons of choices.

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