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Start Planning Your Landscape Designs


landscape designs, increase home value

Whether you intend to sell your house or never want to move, you want to keep your property at maximum value.

One of the best ways to increase your home’s curb appeal and worth is to carefully plan and create striking landscape designs.

Since your yard is the first thing guests see, you want to make sure that it impresses.

Put Your Landscape Designs on Paper

Before you can begin your design plan, measure the yard space. Remember that accuracy is key to a beautiful design.

Then, using graph paper or a design app, transfer these dimensions.

Input all features of the area that cannot be moved, such as trees and shrubs, entrances, driveways, irrigation, or a gorgeous view of nature.

Note the direction of the area you are planning. It is important to note which areas receive the most sun and the most shade before choosing your plants.

Be Realistic

Decide on a budget in the beginning and stick to it.

Tempting plants are waiting around every corner to drain your wallet. Be strong and make good choices.

Lush, tropical landscaping adds a striking flair to any yard. But it’s not going to work in every zone.

Research your plant choices thoroughly to get your money’s worth.

Get Creative!

The great variety of plant colors, styles, and sizes makes the actual designing fun. Here is where your high school art classes will come in handy!

Consider the basics of artistic design, such as color, line, texture, shape, and pattern.

Creating landscape designs is like painting a 3-D portrait.

Think about what colors would complement your home’s existing style and color scheme. Place the tallest plants behind mid-size and smaller plants.

Most importantly, make sure the design appeals to you. After all, you will see it more than anyone else.