Why Lawnscaping Is The New Landscaping

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Lawnscaping Defined

Before your home, your lawn is the first thing that a visitor or passerby sees. And this underscores the tremendous importance of lawnscaping. Lawnscaping is an aspect of landscaping that focuses on your lawn as your most important asset. While some experts on the subject focus on the management of green space, lawnscaping is so much bigger in scope.

Consider, for example, a well-manicured lawn of Edward Scissorhands proportions. And you're looking at grass, plants, shrubs, and trees that are cut with precision. The big problem is that such an arrangement is difficult if not impossible to maintain over time.

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Lawnscape Benefits You Can Count On

For another, doing the lawn in such a manner discriminates against a property owner who wants a more balanced, natural or wildlife kind of effect.

Also, the resources that will be utilized to achieve the perfect, storybook look can be quite a strain on your budget. You can be looking at manicuring your lawn every few days instead of every week.

Your water bills, fertilizer, and other garden expenditures can also rise to astronomical proportions–if they haven't yet. All these aforementioned negative scenarios are the antithesis of lawnscaping. And this is mainly why you need to get on board with the new type of landscaping right now.

Lawnscaping Do's and Don'ts

According to High Plains Gardening, you need to conduct thorough planning prior to developing your dream lawn. You can take one of two approaches: namely, the Industrial lawn and the Freedom lawn model.

The first one is the equivalent of the well-manicured garden, while the other is bent on harnessing natural principles to build the ideal greenscape. However, nothing stops you from combining the best of both worlds.

The industrial lawn takes advantage of tried-and-tested, industrial-grade products to build your green space such as Turface or Ecolite for your choice of soil.

In comparison, the Freedom approach allows for the discreet inclusion of weeds, composting and natural fertilizers such as Dr. Earth, Scotts Company or Environmental Factor.

Whatever you choose, you can sleep well at night knowing that the morning will bring a pleasant smelling, dust-free, and naturally beautiful space in front of your home with the potential of being the envy of the rest of the neighborhood.

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Some Lawnscaping Tips to Live By

Perfect that space that best represents your zone of influence by showing your neighbors that you truly care about the environment.

For example, go with water sprinklers that can give you bigger drops and timed-release features. As a general rule, these devices do a much better job at irrigating your plots when they are much lower on the ground.

Also, don't go with just about any kind of grass. Not all grasses are created equal. Hint: Buffalo, Bluegrass, Bermuda, etc. Also, there are plants that need more watering than others. By plotting them at precise locations, you can maximize the utilization of water in your dream space.

To illustrate, you would do well to situate the grass space away from the tree or trees in your lawn. After all, grass needs more sun in order to thrive at a healthy phase.

Finally, avoid that monotone look in the garden. Nothing but verdant space can be quite boring. Remember, your lawn is not a farm or a cornfield. Learn to accessorize your lawnscape by strategically positioning plants, shrubs or even shades. Mastering the art of positioning doesn't only involve the look.

Proper lawnscaping calls for plants to be positioned so that they don't lead to water runoff. A good rule of thumb to observe is to avoid placing water-hungry greens in more than one-third of your lawn.

This Xeriscape principle will not only help vary the shades of green. In the long-run, it will also make your entire lawnscaping consume less water, fertilizers and other resources.

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