Top 3 Trendy Landscaping Design Ideas

Landscaping Design Ideas

If you want to improve the look of your yard, you should know that landscaping design will help you to achieve your goal. A garden design will give you the power to make your outdoor space beautiful, functional and a great place to spend time.

Without further ado, let's talk about what these design tips are. Use one of more of our landscaping design ideas in order to boost the appeal of your property.

1.) Use Various Shades of Green

In the past, the trend in landscaping design was towards a rainbow-riot of color. Now, the hottest garden designs are all about mixing different shades of green, from pale mint to deep forest.

If you want landscaping which is really on-trend, we definitely recommend using this one. It's an ultra-modern way to create contrast without clashing colors.

The effect of multiple shades of green will be subtle and gorgeous. It will draw the eye to different shapes and textures. Garden designs should always be this beautiful!

2.) Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Other hot landscaping design ideas are outdoor kitchens. They turn yards into al fresco living rooms, where people may hang out in the fresh air and enjoy some fine dining…or basic BBQ!

While these types of garden design ideas are an investment, they tend to pay for themselves over time by bringing so much pleasure to people's lives.

If landscaping tips like these seem too costly, you may scale down by installing a fire pit and making it a focal point of your yard.

However, some people who want an outdoor kitchen do go all out and install sinks, wet bars, stoves and more. These days, plenty of manufacturers make exceptional outdoor kitchen appliances and some manufacturers may offer entire setups for fair prices.

3.) Eclectic Hardscaping Is In

Most modern homeowners embrace texture by adding a variety of hardscaping materials. For example, those who want fashionable landscaping design can add stone planters, pebble pathways, and wooden decks. They don't stick to one shape or material.

It's about mixing it up to give a yard more dimension and richness. This look won't be too formal and it will be pleasing to the eye. When the same materials are used throughout a yard, it's often overkill. It's more personal and interesting to go eclectic.

Try Our Ultimate Landscaping Design Ideas Today

These garden design ideas just scratch the surface, so why not try one or all of them today? Naturally, when you're considering landscaping ideas, you shouldn't be afraid to add your own style and sensibility to the mix.

It's your yard and you should feel free to experiment. For example, if you want to try the “shades of green” tip, but add just a touch of color, consider planting a gorgeous rose bush in a strategic spot. It will look classy and provide vibrant blossoms when it blooms.

Before you start a project, measure your yard, make a layout on paper, gather supplies and tools and then get to work. It's easy to implement these landscaping design ideas, DIY-style.

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