Stunning Pool Landscaping Ideas

Pool Landscaping Ideas

Pool landscaping ideas that will turn your pool into a relaxation oasisTop 3 Pool Landscaping Ideas to Spruce up Your Yard

A typical home swimming pool is a gorgeous focal point that is also supremely functional (at least, during warm-weather days and nights!). However, a home swimming pool will look even more beautiful when you spend some time thinking about the best pool landscaping ideas.

Today, we'd like to share some stunning pool landscaping designs to highlight the tranquil appeal of swimming pools, with their serene blue waters.

Add Erigeron and Lily Accents

When you create a gorgeous border, you will be using one of the most time-honored pool landscaping ideas. We recommend adding Erigeron and Lily accents, as they look positively dazzling when the sun sets.

These plants are ideal for swimming pool landscaping purposes. They provide a welcome touch of color and texture. Of course, you may choose different plants if you want to. Use your creativity when it comes to personalizing these landscaping ideas. Also, when considering pool landscaping, think about which plants will thrive easily in your climate.

Other fine choices include California poppies and Agapanthus. When you add some creative landscaping, you highlight the beauty of your outdoor swimming pool to perfection.

Create a Serene Japanese Landscape

If you love Japanese design, you should know that Japanese-inspired pool landscaping ideas might be right up your alley. To get the look, add flat paving stones around the pool and then add dimension with the types of plants and trees that are found in authentic Japanese gardens.

Examples include Weigela, Sugar Maple trees, flowering quince, Yew and Japanese barberry. In addition, if you have a lot of space, you may want to add futon-style chairs with wood frames or loungers with the same type of design. These minimalist and elegant Japanese design ideas will add amazing style.

Add String Lightning Around the Pool

String lights look great indoors but they look even better outdoors. They create a great atmosphere and they add just the right amount of brightness. With string lightening, you have many options to choose from including large bulbs and small bulbs, different placement for different vibes, and various color choices as well.

If you want to be energy-efficient, opt for LED Christmas lights instead of large bulb lights. In this way, you won’t drive up your energy bill but you’ll get the desired effect.

You have to be aware of the hazards if you want string lights since electric shocks are no joke. So set the lights away from the water. A good option is the walls of your house or those of the pool enclosure.

Do a Little Hardscaping Around the Pool

If you have space to play with, consider hardscaping. Hardscaping ideas usually involve construction, whether it's minor or major. For example, some popular pool designs include adding a wall-style waterfall, adding a fire pit near the pool or adding a water feature, such as a larger fountain.

Hardscaping may also include the addition of trellises, which may be adorned with clinging vines, or the installation of gazebos or pergolas. Think about creating another focal point near your pool. It should encourage people to get together in that part of the space.

There are so many great pool landscaping ideas to try. Hardscaping elements are ideas that require an investment, but they are often worth the money.

Pool Landscape Ideas If You Are on a Budget

If you think pool landscaping ideas are only for those who have a lot of money to spend, think again. You can improve your pool landscaping while on a budget too, you just have to be a little more creative than usual. To make pool landscaping affordable, be resourceful and use things that you already have or find cheap alternatives.

If you’re ready to change things up, you can DIY all these pool ideas yourself to reduce the costs even more. Alternatively, you can turn pool landscaping into a family project. In this manner, you’ll get ideas from your family as well.

Do you have grass around the pool? Consider making a slab walkway. It looks cool and it will help you keep the pool clean.
If you need to fill some space around the pool, DIY a river rock garden. You can build the support for the rock garden yourself – all you need is some wood planks. Create a container, fill it with sand, add the rocks, and you’re done.

Need pool furniture? Use old pallets to create benches, chairs, and a table. Pallet furniture is very common these days and it’s easy to make it suit any place since the color of pallets is neutral and you have unlimited color options for pillows and cushions.

Start Working on Your Pool Landscaping Ideas Today

If you want more design impact around your pool, then we recommend putting these pool design ideas into action. You'll need to lay out the project on paper by mapping out the dimensions of the space with careful measurements and then deciding on the placement of hardscaping or softsoaping elements. After this, bring your pool landscaping ideas to fruition by gathering the materials and tools you need.

Once you have the right supplies and implements, you'll be ready to work on your preferred pool design. A pool is a great place to exercise and play and it will look more beautiful with the right landscaping. That’s why it’s important to turn your pool landscaping ideas into reality.

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