Small Backyard Pool Designs with Big Pizzazz

Small Backyard Pool Designs

How to Create Appealing Small Backyard Pool Designs

Small can be beautiful. If your backyard pool area is compact, you'll benefit from discovering how to create appealing small backyard pool designs. The best small pool designs maximize space in order to add beauty and functionality.

When you select small designs which are clever, you'll make your backyard look larger! As well, our design advice will help you to make the space around your pool more inviting. Truly stellar small pool ideas may even positively impact the resale value of your home!

How to Get Started

It's helpful to know the measurements of your backyard. If you don't know them already, do some measuring. One of the secrets of effective pool designs is establishing how much space is available and then creating a plan which makes the most of that space.

Once you've taken your measurements (measure the pool's length and width, too, or its diameter if it's got a curved shape), it will be time for the next step, which is creating a layout. A good layout is one of the secrets of great small backyard pool designs.

Examples of Small Pool Layouts

Grab a big piece of paper and then draw your pool on it. The whole paper should represent your yard. Once you've drawn the pool, take a look at the area around it.

If there's more space in one direction, one of the best pool designs is creating a focal point in the largest “zone” of the yard. Some people will create designs with fire pit focal points, while others will add beds of flowers or tropical plants.

If you have room for a tree, adding a palm tree will be a great way to add some tropical pizzazz. How fancy you get really depends on your budget and preferences.

It's possible to add a cheap fire pit and some inexpensive seating around it. Stick a few Tiki torches in the ground and you'll be done. However, high-end and mid-range small backyard designs are definitely out there.

So, think about what you want as a focal point and then add that element to your layout. Usually, people add “hardscaping” elements to layouts first and then add softscaping elements later on. Softscaping elements include flower beds, shrubs, and trees. Ornamental grasses are also great choices for softscaping.

After you finish your layout, it will be time to find plants and hardscape materials which have the right dimensions.

Keep plant size and mature tree height/shrub height in mind while you're shopping around. Also, look at the dimensions of hardscape materials. Be very sure they'll fit and that there will be sufficient space around them before you buy them.

Put Your New Elements in Place

Now, it's time to bring your small backyard pool designs to fruition. Do it yourself or gather buddies or family members. It's also possible to hire a contractor for this type of work.

To begin, add hardscaping, such as fire pits and seating. Next, do the softscaping, by adding your materials which are living things. To finish the job, add any accessories that you've purchased, such as Tiki torches.

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