Top 3 Design Features of the Best Swimming Pools

Best Swimming Pools

The 3 Most Popular Swimming Pool Designs

The best swimming pools offer an amazing blend of style and functionality, however, there are some trending design features that will really bring your pool from stylish to superb.

If you're shopping around for a new outdoor swimming pool, knowing these features will help you select a pool design which is ultra-modern and equipped with all of the hottest, most popular features.

These pools vary in size, style, and shape. They also vary in price. Our guide is designed to help you find a swimming pool which will be perfect for your property.

1.) Look for Tanning Ledges

If you admire swimming pools which are truly sophisticated, you'll find that swimming pools with tanning ledges are fine choices. Pools with tanning ledges allow swimmers to take a break and sunbathe in high style.

Tanning ledges are shallower pools which are adjacent to main swimming pools. This pool design typically has tanning ledges with enough room for lounging chairs and an umbrella.

Submerged tanning ledges are really attractive, modern, and exciting. Some people use these features of swimming pools as children's pools.

2.) Search for LED Lighting

Inground swimming pools should feature the right lighting systems for their particular styles. The latest trend in lighting is LED lighting, which operates without getting too hot, offers incredibly long-lasting bulb life and is eco-friendly.

LED lighting conserves less power, so it contributes to lower monthly power bills. As well, this type of lighting is directional and clear and bulbs are available in many different colors.

When you design swimming pools with LED lighting and then choose the one that you like best, you'll be able to enjoy beautiful illumination at night!

3.) Sheer Descent Features Look Stunning

A swimming pool with a sheer descent water feature will have tons of dramatic visual appeal. The swimming pool will have a water feature which is a mixture of deck jet and waterfall. The water feature delivers a sheet-style waterfall which goes into the pool.

Some sheer descent features for swimming pools offer whisper-quiet performance, while others are a bit louder.

A pool with a sheer descent is very appealing. Swimmers tend to gravitate towards the water features so they can enjoy standing under the waterfalls as they rest and relax. This pool design idea offers high style and they're also really fun!

Shop for the Best Swimming Pools Today

Now that you know the most popular design features of the best swimming pools, you'll be ready to move forward and shop for pools which do have these stylish and practical features. Pools come in so many styles.

When you shop with your pool design in mind, you'll be able to find a swimming pool which is just the right shape, size, and style. Also, consider the reputation of manufacturers of swimming pools. You should focus on swimming pools from trusted and established manufacturers.

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