How to Create a Small Water Garden

Small Water Garden

Tips for Small Water Garden in Any SpaceSimple Steps for Creating a Small Water Garden in Any Space

If you learn how to create a small water garden, you'll be able to make a big visual impact without using up a lot of outdoor space. Today, we'd like to share some expert tips that will make it easier for you to create a small water garden quickly and, most importantly, love the results you get!

Find the Right Container

When it comes to creating water gardens, priority one is finding something that will hold the water! It's possible that you already have a pond on your property; however, most people want to create a small water garden in their front or back yards and natural ponds are less likely to be found in these places. This means that you will need to create a small water garden by making the body of water yourself.

Whether they are housed in barrels that are cut in half, width-wise or in other types of containers, small water gardens are gorgeous. If you want your own, you need a hardy and watertight container that suits your size preference. Once you have this, it is easy to create a water garden.

Basically, to create a small water garden, you'll need to create an arrangement of potted plants that are submerged. After you have a container and put it in the right spot in your yard, you should fill it with water via your garden hose and then choose some potted plants that have the right height. Blossoms and leaves should stick out of the surface of the water.

Later on, you'll find that moving the plants around when you want a change is pretty easy. Just shift the pots in order to create a small water garden that evolves according to your mood.

Other Container Ideas to Consider

Using barrels for this project is pretty common. However, there are plenty of other options you can consider. If you’re on a budget, it is best to work with what you already have.

If you have an old metal bathtub, you can easily turn it into a beautiful water garden. Aside from the plants, you can include other items in the bathtub. Stones and glass items create a beautiful look.

An old metal bucket can also be used. If you don’t have one, you’ll find plenty of cheap options at flea markets. You can use a small fountain kit to make it even better or decorate it with rocks for a simple look. Either way, your mini-garden will look rustic and beautiful.

If you have indoor plants, you probably have some clay pots sitting around unused. You can make a lovely arrangement by adding a fountain to the mix. Place a few rocks in some of the pots and fill the bigger ones with water and plants.

You can also repurpose enamel bowls if you want to have the tiniest and most beautiful water garden.

Placement Tips for Newbies

When you create a water garden, you'll find that you create real beauty easily. These little gardens are gorgeous to look at. They are so soothing to behold.

Before you put your empty container in your yard, you should think about sunlight. Most plants are fairly rugged. However, we recommend finding a spot that receives at least six hours of sunlight per day.

Another aspect to consider is the size of your plants. If you want larger plants such as water lilies, you need a big container. Barrels, bathtubs, and even large planters work great for big plants.

You can start small and if you get good results with the placement, you may want to consider making a bigger water garden in the future. Or creating a few small water gardens and grouping them in your yard.

Know Your Plants

Since we mentioned it is important to consider the type of plants you want in your water garden, we figured it is useful to talk about the main types you can choose from. You can have rooted floating plants, submerged plants, floating plants, and marginal plants.

The rooted floating plants or the deep water plants have roots that sit at the bottom of the container. They usually produce beautiful flowers and have big floating leaves. Two deep water flowers everybody seems to love are the water lily and the lotus.

The submerged plants have luxuriant leaves that are always under water. To keep them healthy, you have to maintain the water clean and clear. If you want to have these plants in your small water garden, you need to plant them in pots and submerge the pots in the water.

Floating plants are very common in water garden because they are very easy to place. They don’t need soil or anything else. Not to mention, they look absolutely mesmerizing floating around.

Marginal plants add color and height to water gardens since they blend in the edges of the container in the surrounding greenery. Marginal plants require soil so plant them in a pot and submerge them in shallow water. You can use bricks or rocks to achieve the right elevation.

How to Create a Small Water Garden Fast

If you don't want to figure out the best container, just find a half-barrel that measures twenty-four inches in width and sixteen inches in depth. Many experts consider this the perfect size and shape. It works if you want to create a small water garden with a dramatic arrangement of plants and flowers.

One tip is to buy a plastic liner that fits the barrel. This will stop any toxins from the barrel to seep in and hurt your plants. PVC liners, which are flexible, are also good choices, although they do need replacement now and then.

It is also a good idea to add a small water pump to your pond in order to create a small current. This will help reduce a wide range of water pests.

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