The Best Landscaping Privacy Ideas for Homeowners

Best Landscaping Privacy

4 Things To Know About Landscaping Privacy

If you're a homeowner who values your privacy, you should know that discovering the best landscaping privacy designs will give you the power to boost privacy, while also making your home's grounds more beautiful.

You definitely don't need to choose between privacy and beauty! Today, we'd like to share some landscaping tips which are popular choices with plenty of homeowners!

Privacy Landscaping Basics with Plant Size

Buying larger plants is one of the simplest, most effective privacy landscaping ideas. It's a basic strategy that will really deliver.

Big plants shield outdoor spaces from passersby and neighbors. Landscaping privacy experts recommend buying fewer plants of greater size and scale.

For example, a huge container plant will act as a screen, as it will cover way more space than a cluster of smaller plants in compact planters. So, when it comes to improving landscape privacy, you should definitely consider going big!

While you'll need to pay more for larger plants, they are an investment in precious privacy. However, if you buy a big plant, bear in mind that it may get even bigger in the future. Make sure that it will fit your outdoor space when it's more mature. Of course, you may prune it to keep landscaping privacy intact, without overcrowding a space.

Raise Plants With Containers and Beds

Another garden privacy tip is raising plants that you already have, by thickening the beds that hold them or by placing them in containers which add height.

If you need new plants to add privacy, you may build beds and buy containers for the plants, which help you to cover more open space and enhance home privacy out of doors. Also, a trellis is a great choice for landscaping privacy. A trellis is a vertical form of hardscaping which may be filled with plants that cling.

Some people buy new trellises and planters, while others make their own from whatever's on hand.

Landscaping for Privacy by Choosing The Right Plants

In general, any plant which grows in a column-like shape will be a smart choice. Also, consider bamboo, yew, and juniper.

Whether you choose beds, container, trellises or a combination, you'll find that the plants that these plants are fine choices, especially when space is tight. When you utilize these privacy landscaping ideas, you'll get more for your money, because you'll be shopping smart.

Boost Privacy by Creating a Thicket

Layering plants, rather than planting them in one single line, is a smart way to landscape for privacy. The problem with planting in a single line is that your “screen” (privacy provided by the line of plants) may be wiped out fast if the plants are attacked by pests or stricken with diseases.

As well, you won't find plants growing in these uniform rows out in nature. It's more attractive to plant a thicket, which consists of a group of plants. Stagger an array of evergreens, shrubs, and grasses of the perennial type in order to get more density, without the careful rows. A combination of plants will boost the odds that most stay healthy.

Garden projects can be really fun. It's about expressing your personality and sense of style in the outdoors. It's also about maximizing curb appeal and potential resale value.

Landscaping for privacy can be really simple and really depends on the look that you want, your budget and the size and scale of your outdoor space.

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