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Arizona Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Your Own Private Get Away

Arizona Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Make Your Landscape Pop With These Arizona Backyard Landscaping Tips

arizona landscaping ideasMany people find Arizona backyard landscaping to be a bit overwhelming. Some may not have an idea about the type of plants to grow in such a hot and dry climate.

Fortunately, many indigenous plant species can tolerate drought conditions in Arizona. You can pair such plants with unique hardscapes to create a fantastic backyard.

Sod vs. Seed

Consider planting sods instead of grass seeds. There are many benefits of planting sod as part of your Arizona backyard landscaping project.

For starters, unlike grass seeds, sod does not compete with weeds for water. In addition, turf requires minimal maintenance and is resistant to wind and water erosion.

If your lawn is in full sun, try planting Midiron, a hardy Bermuda hybrid sod. This type of sod requires minimal mowing every seven or ten days, which you can easily do with a rotary or reel mower. Midiron sod can withstand heavy traffic, hot sun, shallow soils, high temperatures, and salt water.

On the other hand, plant Palmetto St. Augustine if your lawn is partly shaded. This type of sod grows well under a shade and requires minimal maintenance.

However, it often needs more water than other types of sod. In addition, it does not have a high tolerance for traffic. It grows well under a sprinkler system or with regular watering.

Islands of Trees

One of the best ways to break up large open spaces in your backyard is by having islands of native perennials that do not require frequent watering.

The islands of trees will help to enhance the appearance of your home and reduce the amount of water you use on landscaping as well the space that requires mowing.

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Tips for Trees

Consider the mature size of the trees you want to plant in your backyard. Some plants start small in pots but eventually grow to become giants. Find out how big the trees you want to plant in your garden will be once fully-grown.

Avoid planting trees too close to driveways, walkways, and foundations. In addition, avoid planting thorny trees in high traffic areas including sidewalks and driveways.

Importance of Lighting in Arizona Backyard Landscaping

Accent lighting can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your Arizona landscape. They help to add an extra feature to your landscaping and transform it at night.

Most backyard lighting is easy to install and available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and types.

Outline Different Areas

Outlining different parts of your backyard can make it pop. Lay some bricks or add curbing to your yard to give it some form of structure, which will highlight different sections of your yard and give it a sense of harmony.

Concrete curbing is an excellent option because it is sturdy, sophisticated, and long-lasting.

Add Some Color

Adding some color to your Arizona backyard landscaping will always elevate its appeal regardless of your landscape design. You can add color with fresh spring flowers or patches of green desert plants.

Alternatively, plant flowers in boxes or pots if you are not keen on planting new flowers each year. Some homeowners plant flowers on wheels and move them around their yards whenever they wish for that unique look.

It is important to consider your Arizona backyard landscaping as an opportunity rather than a challenge. The state is known for warm summers and mild winters, which presents excellent opportunities for outdoor living.

If you are keen on spending some time outdoors with your family, there are many ways you can make your outdoor space livable.

Whether you want your kids to have a new swimming pool, friend,s to gather around the fire pit or host mouthwatering barbecues, there is more than one way to have the backyard of your dreams.

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