Easy Ways to Do Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

Backyard Landscaping On a Budget

Ideas for budget backyard landscaping Stop Making Excuses and Start Your Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

Are you interested in discovering some ideas for your backyard landscaping on a budget? If so, we think that we can help!

There are lots of low-cost or free options that require nothing more than creativity and sweat equity. When you choose to try one or more of our budget tips, you will create a lovely backyard that is an amazing place to hang out. You will also know that you did it without spending a lot of money. Landscaping on a budget is often very fulfilling!

Create Plant Containers from Recycled Items

Many people are embracing backyard landscaping on a budget these days! Many of them are using recycled materials to make planters. For example, you may create a beautiful herb garden by cleaning empty plastic containers, cutting the tops off and then filling them with good soil and seeds (or herb plant cuttings).

If you want something bolder, you may use old vehicle tires (which you can paint in attractive colors) as charming backyard planters. Some people stack the tires for a sculptural effect. Once they are painted, they look really good! In addition, they are very hardy and easy to hose down when they need some cleaning.

The only limitation to this backyard landscaping tip is really your own imagination.

Look around and see which containers or other items you can convert into classic or creative planters. Then, get to work! Planters are typically a higher price and making them yourself from stuff that you already have lying around your property is a landscaping budget keeper that you will love trying, as you'll save plenty of cash.

Backyard Landscaping On a Budget with Mulch Alternatives

Mulch in itself helps you save money by reducing the amount of water you need for your garden. However, mulch is quite expensive and, if you are on a budget, there are far cheaper alternatives.

These low-cost alternatives work just as great as mulch but they also look out for your budget. Unless you have your mind set on mulch, you should definitely consider them. Here are your options:

Pine Needles

They are lightweight, easy-to-spread, and low-maintenance.


Stone mulch doesn’t work for all types of plants so be sure to check if your plants are ok with it before switching from traditional mulch to stone mulch. When it works and you use it properly, stone mulch cuts down weeding and maintenance costs.

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings cost you literally nothing. All you have to do is to rake up the clippings when you mow your lawn and spread them onto your flowerbeds.

Use Recycled Materials to Create Borders

Upcycling materials are the hottest budget landscaping trend. However, you don't need to restrict your efforts to planters. It is also possible to keep within your budget by creating a border for your yard from recycled materials.

Bricks are one fine option. Another possibility is using older pieces of wood as border material. Look around, see what you have to work with and then create a plan. A border is a great way to define a backyard's perimeter and make it look more manicured. Backyard landscaping on a budget is often really beautiful, so don't rule out upcycling.

Create a Simple Ground Level Patio

This landscaping tip will require some concrete paving stones. However, these are usually pretty easy to find with affordable prices and making a ground level patio is definitely way less expensive than building a deck in the backyard.

Just lay down the paving stones in a square shape of your preferred size. This area of your backyard may be a compact square where you sit in the sun on a lounger (or folding chair) or it may be big enough for “al fresco” entertaining. It's nice to break up green spaces sometimes in a backyard. It looks modern and concrete paving stones provide the ultimate in low-maintenance functionality.

Use Affordable Lighting

When you do budget backyard landscaping, you have to think about everything that can make your backyard beautiful without breaking the bank. Affordable lighting ticks all the boxes you want. They are great because they create a welcoming and warm ambiance and you can light them up only when you spend time outdoors.

As for the options you have, forget about traditional lightbulbs that are dull and boring, choose twinkle lights or globe lights. The best thing about them is that you can use them however you please. You can wrap them around pillars, drape the trees in them or edge your flowerbeds so you can watch your flower bloom even at night.

Build Low-cost Backyard Seating

After your hard work, you’ll need a place to sit and admire all your accomplishments. That means you need seating options. But you’re on a budget so you have to be creative with them as well.

Instead of running to the furniture store, make your own outdoor seating or look online for cheap options you can restore. Start your search in freecycle groups but be creative and think about the hidden possibilities. Better yet, make your own lumber bench, turn leftover tires into durable seats or drag a few logs around the fire pit for rusting and easy seating.

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