The Secrets of Effective Curb Appeal Landscaping

Curb Appeal Landscaping

Ideas to make Your Curb Appeal Landscaping betterApply These 9 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Curb Appeal Landscaping

If you're interested in making your home look more beautiful and impressive from the viewpoint of passersby, you will definitely benefit from learning the secrets of effective curb appeal landscaping.

Today, we're going to share some curb appeal landscaping tips that will make it easier to improve the look of your front yard and your entire home. Some of these landscaping tips will cost a lot of money, while others will require less money and more sweat equity. If you want to go with the DIY route, you may hire a pro to put these curb appeal ideas into action!

What Is Curb Appeal and Why Is It Important?

Curb appeal is the term you use to describe the attractiveness of a house and the property from a sidewalk perspective.
Real estate agents use this term when they evaluate a property they want to sell. As you can imagine, when the property looks beautiful, its value goes up. Therefore, it's easier to sell it.

The Basics of Curb Appeal Landscaping

It may seem complicated but it's easy to draw the attention of the passer-by with the beauty of your house when you know the basics.

  • include a focal point;
  • keep it clean and aesthetic;
  • throw away anything that makes your property look unkempt.

Go for Ultra-modern Style

If you have a newer home with modern lines, very modern curb appeal landscaping will complement it beautifully.
For example, alternative paver stones with stepping stones to create a pathway to your front door. This will be an ultra-modern and functional way to use front yard space but it is also very attractive. Concrete pavers and stepping-stones look great when you combine them to build a pathway. They are also low-maintenance!

Add a Porch Swing

Nothing makes a house more charming than a lovely porch swing so you can’t go wrong if you decide to invest in one. Choose a traditional swing made of wood and decorate it with cozy cushions.
If for whatever reason you don’t feel a porch swing works for your property, consider rocking chairs or a bench instead.

Use Succulents and Stones to Decorate Your Yard

Another hot trend in modern curb appeal landscaping is the usage of stones and succulent plants (which hold water within their leaves) as central design elements.

Your front yard will look manicured and interesting, without being over the top, when you add a collection of stones and succulents. Placement will be up to you and maintenance will be virtually carefree. Also, you have many options for plants and stones, so you will be able to personalize the look.

Plant a Gorgeous Tree

Classic curb appeal landscaping is all about trees, garden beds filled with flowers and hanging baskets filled with blossoms. If you prefer a traditional look, we recommend all of the above.

In terms of which tree to choose, there are so many amazing choices, from Sugar Maples to Apple trees and beyond. Look for a tree that grows well in your climate and blossoms in summer and perhaps in the fall, too. Consider the height of the tree when it's matured in order to come up with the right placement.

Put Flower Beds under Low Windows

Flowerbeds need good soil, so clear a space for a garden bed, invest in some nutrient-rich dirt and then plant the flowers of your choice.
If you want something more unique in your flowerbed, consider ornamental grasses. Landscaping of this type will give your home a well-cared-for look, which is very appealing to those who walk or drive by.

Make It Symmetric to Improve Curb Appeal

There is no doubt that asymmetry can be beautiful, however, when it comes to curb appeal, symmetry works far batter.
The human eye is naturally drawn to symmetry because, in our minds, symmetry means beauty. So try to keep symmetry in mind when you're decorating your landscape.

Let the Architecture Shine

If you don’t have a lot of yard space, avoid cluttering the little space you have with unnecessary decorations. Add lawn grass and a few plants then let the architecture do the talking.

This clean and minimalistic approach works wonders for small yards.

It’s All About the Fence

Not all properties have fences but if yours does, make sure it is charming and appealing. If you have a small house, you can opt for a picket fence to go around. On the other hand, opt for a steady iron fence if you have a big house.

Update the Mailbox

Your mailbox should complement the rest of your property. When it sits oddly or it’s old and in need of repairs, it impacts the curb appeal landscaping in a negative way. Feel free to replace it with a new one that matches the house. Alternatively, give it a makeover if you’re more of a DIY type of person.

Try Our Tips Today

Whether you love front landscaping that is modern and fresh or you prefer something more old school, we think you'll find these tips give you some practical and fun ideas.

We recommend using a sunny weekend day to make your front yard improvements. When you pay attention to curb appeal landscaping, you will create an outdoor space that people love to look at. As well, you may increase the resale value of your home. So, why not do some landscaping changes soon?

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