Low Maintenance Garden Ideas – Our Top 10

7. Garden Beds

Another one of our low maintenance garden ideas to consider is your very own garden bed! (Perfect for those vegetables we mentioned earlier.)

They’re honestly not new in the realm of gardening, but there’s a reason this simple, straightforward design is back in the 2021 spotlight. It’s a beautiful feature for your outdoor space and can be modified in so many ways to fit your needs.

Having a garden bed gives you great control over your produce too. The key point here is soil health- if the soil you have in your yard just is not ideal for what you are growing, the option to use better soil mixes are totally available for you. And because they’re off the ground, the soil stays warmer and remains the best temperature for your plants!

As far as materials are concerned- wood is your best bet. A porous, air-circulation friendly material that’ll make sure that those plant roots are healthy! If you’re looking to recycle, old wood pallets and railway sleepers work well too.

6. Good Old Composting!

The secret sauce to any success is a good foundation, and in gardening- that is soil. Plants require good nutrition to ward off pests, grow healthy, and in the case of fruits and vegetables- have better flavor.


Unfortunately, good soil seldom occurs in our urban landscapes- but that does not mean it’s impossible to have. The best way to have good soil is to make your own compost.

It’s pretty nice to note too that the main ingredient of compost is something that we usually just throw out- food scraps! So other than just having great soil for your garden, composting is great for the environment.

According to the United States Environmental Agency  “…scraps and other yard waste currently account for 30% percent of trash. So composting keeps these materials off landfills where they take up space and contribute to greenhouse gas”

If you’re just about to start composting, getting a composting kit is a great first step!


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