5 Very Simple Patio Landscape Design Ideas

Patio Landscape Design Ideas

Discover Five Superb Patio Landscape Design IdeasPatio Landscape Design Ideas for creating a modern patio space

Your backyard should be a beautiful place. Choosing between patio landscape design ideas is not always easy. But if you do it right, you will create a stunning outdoor area that will be a perfect place to hang out.

Whether you want a wooden deck that is connected to your house or a patio made of pavers (or stones) and set into your backyard, you'll find that having a centerpiece is the key to giving your patio landscaping design panache! Today, we'd like to share five superb patio design ideas, one of them may be just right for you.

1.) Enhance Patio Design with a Focal Point

Table and chairs as the Focal Point in the patio design

When it comes to great patio design, it's best to have some type of focal point. Otherwise, the area may seem a bit barren of visual impact. The good news is anything can be the focal point.

For example, you may want to use a fire pit as the design focal point. In this case, you have to keep the rest of the patio design minimalistic and let the fire pit be the center of attention.

Another option is an outdoor TV or a seating area as a patio focal point. Or you can turn your furniture into a focal point. A weather-resistant banquette with cushioned seats looks pretty cool near on the patio.

When your patio landscape design ideas revolve around a focal point, you’ll make it easier for people to get together because everyone will be drawn to it. This is why you should put a lot of thought into choosing the right focal point. Once you have the focal point, it’s easy to add other elements around it and finish the job.

2.) Add an Array of Shapes

Colorful patio design idea.

The most modern and attractive patio design showcases an array of shapes. For example, if you choose square paving stones as your central patio design element, add diversity by choosing outdoor furnishings with curved lines. It's about creating contrast.

An easy way to add shape diversity to a patio is to add planters of different shapes, rather than buying planters that match. When things are too “matchy-matchy”, it's a bit outdated and dull. So don't be afraid to bring a lot of shapes into the mix!

3.) Accent the Borders of Your Patio

Enhance your patio with plants to increase privacy.

If you love the feeling of privacy that comes from walls, then you should consider privacy-enhancing patio landscape design. For example, think about adding at least one wall at the border of your patio, in order to create a more intimate and private outdoor space.

Another strategy is to choose plants that grow high and provide privacy from neighbors. While some people prefer patios without borders, because privacy isn't their top priority (or because they have fences in place around their yards), there are a many people who inflect the borders of their patios with privacy-enhancing design elements, such as big planters, walls made from wood or stone and trellises covered in vines.

4.) Patio Landscape Design Ideas for Lighting
Lighting Patio Landscape Design Ideas

Outdoor lighting is just as important as indoor lighting is if not more important. If you plan to spend your evening out on the patio reading a book or eating dinner, you need good lighting.

Depending on the available space and atmosphere you want to create, you have a few outdoor lighting options available. You can use string lights, light garlands, glowing flower planters, hanging lights, outdoor candle lanterns, and even lampposts.

String lights are usually the best option for patio lighting since they are versatile and you can use them in many different ways. You can hand them on trees, hand them between pillars to add dimension, wrap them around pillars or decorative objects; you can do pretty much anything with them.

Another great idea is to mix up the lighting sources. You can have string lights wrapped around the trees, glowing flower planters aligned up on the patio, and two electric candle lanterns in the dining area. This will make the patio warm and inviting.

5.) Repurpose Your Patio
Repurpose your patio and turn it into an outdoor kitchen

If you live in a hot climate and you love to spend a lot of time outdoors, you can transform your patio into an outdoor kitchen. Why cook inside and make your house smell like food when you can do it outside and enjoy the fresh air at the same time, right? That’s what we think!

Having the patio turned into an outdoor kitchen is a great idea for those who love to cook. It’s a nice way to bring the family together and spend time cooking and chatting.

However, if this is not 100% feasible for you can just buy a grill. It has the same effect as the outdoor kitchen but with less hassle. And let’s face it, everybody loves barbeque time!

Don’t like to cook or grill? Turn your patio into a bar! This is definitely a modern approach to patio landscape design but it’s a great idea for those who like to host summer gatherings or parties. And if space allows it, why not?

Now that you know three superb patio landscape design ideas, why not choose your favorite and start working on it? Or choose more than one if you prefer. These modern design ideas definitely have a lot of traction with today's homeowners and you may find that one or more of them is perfect for your taste. Shop around to get a good deal on patio landscape supplies.

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