Salt Water Pool Conversion – Pros and Cons

What Is Salt Water Pool Conversion?

Beautiful tropical salt water poolTo put it as simple as possible, salt water pool conversion means turning your pool into a salt pool. Just as the name implies, you add salt to the pool water instead of chlorine.

Most pool owners know that the salt pool is beneficial but do not really understand what it is. For instance, many believe that the water would be similar to what exists in the ocean.

In reality, in a salt pool, only a small quantity of salt is used in order to obtain chlorine.

The chlorine you have in a salt pool is better than in the regular pool. You basically avoid having to deal with all the negative effects associated with it, like red eyes, itchy skin and smell.

Instead of the common chlorine tablets, a superchlorination feature is used. You can learn more about how the salt water pool works here.


In order to decide if a salt water pool conversion is good for you or not, you have to consider both the advantages and the disadvantages of salt pools. Here is what you need to know.

Salt water pool advantages

Salt water swimming pool at the Tara Angkor Hotel. Image from Flickr.

Salt Water Pool Conversion Advantages

The main advantages that need to be mentioned are:

5. You Avoid Added Chlorine

The salt system will naturally manufacture chlorine. You no longer need to buy liquid chlorine, tablets or shock chlorine. While using the system you just dial in chlorine production and the system takes care of everything for you.

This is a very important advantage of having a salt water pool since with the regular pool system you have to add chlorine every single week. This includes when you go on a vacation.

If you forget about adding chlorine to the regular pool, various problems can appear, like chlorine locks.

4. You Avoid The Negative Effects Of Chlorine

The most common negative effects associated with chlorine use in the pool are smell, itchy skin, and red eyes. All of these disappear because of the lack of chloramines in the chlorine that is produced through the salt pool system.

When people swim in the pool they feel as no chlorine is present.


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