Salt Water Pool Conversion – Pros and Cons

1. High Repair Costs

Salt is corrosive to the metal parts present in the salt water pool is faced with more corrosion than with the chlorine-only swimming pool. Because many pool parts are made out of metal, you might have to frequently replace some.

In the event that chlorine levels are not properly maintained, there is a higher possibility that replacements are needed. However, the use of salt does play a role in the high corrosion of pool parts. You will need to deal with more frequent repairs.


Salt water pool conversion is something that you naturally consider as soon as you learn about the benefits associated with it. However, your final choice needs to be made only after you consider both the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above.

Discuss with an experienced pool professional to see if the salt water pool is better for you or not. No matter the choice, remember that even the best swimming pools out there require maintenance. Costs easily go up when you neglect the weekly or monthly needed maintenance tasks.


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