Top 5 Tropical Pool Landscaping Ideas

Tropical Pool Landscaping Ideas

The Most Important Elements Of Tropical Pool Landscaping Ideas

If you want to make the most of the areas around your outdoor swimming pool, you'll benefit from discovering some tropical pool landscaping ideas.

Our top five tropical landscaping ideas are designed to make outdoor swimming pools into resort-like locales which have a lush look and plenty of authentic tropical appeal.

Some of these design ideas will cost a bit of money. There are a few landscaping ideas on our list which will be less expensive. Choose the ideas which fit your budget.

1.) Add Tropical Plants to Pool Borders

The area around your pool will come to life when you add gorgeous tropical plants, shrubs, and trees. Some people have more space than others, so consider the sizes of the plants that we are mentioning here.

Examples of tropical plants that look beautiful around swimming pools include palms and bougainvillea. These plants are classic tropical landscaping options!

These types of tropical design ideas are easy to implement, although you will need to invest in the plants that you want.

Talk to a pro at a local garden center to find out which tropical plants tend to thrive in your climate. You may also research tropical plants online.

2.) Add Tiki-Style Outdoor Accessories

Have you ever watched Survivor, which tends to be filmed in tropical environments? If you have, you know that the show's producers use Tiki-style elements in order to make the show more exciting.

You may give your pool area more charm and character with Tiki-style accessories that have an island look and feel. We love Tiki landscaping!

One option is to add a fire pit to a zone near your pool and then add Tiki torches, which are pretty easy to find on and offline. At night, fire up the torches and then watch in wonder as your pool area takes on the vibe of a tropical paradise after sunset!

Tiki torches are typically very affordable, so they are definitely budget-friendly! Tiki idols, like Survivor's “immunity idols” are also fun pool accessories.

3.) Add an Outdoor Shower

When we holiday in tropical climes, we often have access to outdoor showers. There's something so relaxing about showering out of doors, while the air is balmy and the sun is shining. Tropical design is always about giving a resort-style feel to home swimming pools which are located outside.

When you install a shower outside, people will be able to shower before they swim, in order to be nice and clean in the pool, and they'll also be able to rinse off chlorine and other pool chemicals after they swim. As you can see, tropical landscaping options also boost functionality too.

4.) Install a Hot Tub with a Pergola Roof

If you want to upgrade your pool areas via hardscaping, consider adding a hot tub which is surrounded by a wood plank deck and topped with a pergola.

Another tropical option is adding a resort-style pool cabana. When you choose these pool design ideas (one or both will work well), you'll feel like you're in a fancy hotel in the tropics.

5.) Add Planters in Tropical Hues

Large planters filled with tropical flowers or ornamental grasses will look gorgeous when they are displayed in tropical-hue planters.

We recommend sunset colors, such as coral, pale yelllow, and pink. Pale blue-green will also work well. Pastels with a bit of warmth will evoke the beauty of the tropics.

These sorts of tropical landscaping ideas are easy to implement. You may repaint existing planters in order to save money or find new ones.

Try Our Tropical Pool Landscaping Ideas Today

A tropical theme is just right for a pool area, so you should definitely try one or more of these tropical pool landscaping ideas today. When you do, you'll love the resort vibe and your guests will appreciate your tropical design, too!

Landscaping your pool like the tropics will be a fun project. Do your landscaping DIY-style or pay a contractor to take care of the design and work for you.

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