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The Best Landscaping Companies | 7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Landscaping Companies

How to Choose a Great Landscaping Company

Excellent landscaping always means the difference between an average home and a home with an amplified yard that stands out and tastefully commands admiration and attention. It can create a new spectacular appeal to a home and even increase its value.

And above all, it provides your family with a truly magnificent and enjoyable outdoor living space in which everyone can spend quality time on nice days in many years to come.

Choosing a great landscaping company is one of the most important processes in creating a beautiful yard and outdoor space that is healthy and inviting. After all, this stage influences every subsequent step as the landscaping company you choose will determine whether the end result will meet your expectations.

The benefits of a beautiful landscape are endless, but how do homeowners ensure they’re getting that beauty?

Finding the right landscaping company can be tough, and a bit tricky so choosing the right company requires careful attention. The following are some of the qualities to look for when shopping for great landscaping companies.

Qualifications for Good Landscaping Companies

A lot of people often refer to themselves as landscapers, but professional landscapers are trained, authorized and certified from proper accreditation bodies. They are well educated with a Bachelor’s degree in landscaping from accredited universities or colleges.

And they are usually registered with professional organizations such as the Landscape Contractors Association, The American Society of Landscape Architects to mention a few.

Their landscaping companies should also be registered by the state and covered by a reputable insurer.

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A good landscaper will have an excellent record of the great work they have done in the past giving them a good reputation in the area they serve.

Read customers reviews, ask around from their past clients, find out if they have won professional awards or whether they have received any accolades.


Another important trait of good landscaping companies is their experience. Experience is the key and a significant factor to consider.

Besides being in the field for several years, a good landscaper should maintain a portfolio of the projects they have accomplished in the past so that you can review and determine whether they are the right people to work on your yard.

Personality Traits

Even if someone’s work is admirable, don’t hire anyone whom you feel uncomfortable to work with. A landscaper can possess all the skills in the world but if their working relationship is poor, then communicating your needs becomes difficult and you will have a long and frustrating adventure.

A good rapport will translate to a good working relationship. You should look for a landscaper with excellent communication skills, who will patiently listen and understand your needs and is ready and willing to work with you and your ideas.

It is important to hire someone approachable and friendly since they will be around your home with you and your family for several weeks or even months depending on the nature and scope of your project.

Common Goals

Look for a landscaper that shares your goals, and is fit for your budget and timeline. Ideally, your goals and those of your landscaper should be one. You should make sure they understand what you want and know your vision before they start working.

Although discussing money may sometimes be awkward, make sure that you are on the same page concerning your budget and flexibility.

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Maintenance and Guidance

You need a good landscaper who will not only bring your vision to life but also guide you on how to take care of the new landscape in between scheduled maintenance visits.

The landscaper should also oversee all aspects of a structured maintenance program to ensure that everything is adequately cared for.

Some companies that exhibit all these qualities in The US include:

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscaper

  • Are you bonded and fully insured?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have industry specialists on staff?
  • Will you stay on my project until completion and plan for scheduled maintenance?
  • Can you provide a drawing of your plans?
  • What’s your guarantee?
  • What installation process will be used?

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