Indoor Pool Designs For the Best Staycation

Indoor Pool Designs

Designing an Indoor Pool

Lots of people are specifically choosing to get indoor pools installed. It's possible to use an indoor pool all year. People who love swimming won't have to wait for sunny days during the summer. They certainly won't have to wait for the summer months in general. Indoor pools have a lot of inherent benefits.

Installing an Indoor Pool

People often install vinyl-lined, gunite pools, or fiberglass pools indoors. It's actually possible to use lots of different materials when constructing indoor pools since these pools aren't affected by random temperature changes.

However, it is possible to run into issues with indoor air quality when designing indoor pools. The humidity level in the area shouldn't go above 60 percent. People can install dehumidification systems and prevent these concerns.

People also need to make sure that they manage these wet interior environments properly. They don't want problems with household structural damage or mold. Builders often construct bathrooms using water-resistant drywall.

It's possible to use similar materials in the rooms that house indoor pools. All people need to take these details into account when they are thinking about indoor pool designs.

It's comparatively difficult to add a new pool to a house that has already been built. Most people will add indoor pools to their homes when their homes are still being built.

It's also relatively easy to add outdoor pools to a home that was already constructed. However, plenty of people can still go back and design new indoor pools for their homes.

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Indoor Pool Designs and Windows

People often want to enjoy the outdoors when they use pools. It's still possible to do that with indoor pools. People just need to make sure that they add a lot of windows to the area.

Installing roof windows over indoor pools is very popular now. These windows will let in a lot of sunlight. People will still feel like they're outside when they get roof windows. They won't have to deal with ultraviolet radiation, of course, because the glass will shield them.

The Shape of Indoor Pools

Most indoor pools are rectangular. People will see this shape everywhere when they look at indoor pool designs online. However, people might be able to save space in the room itself if they use a more circular design.

When it comes to indoor pool designs, people favor the rectangular shape because it gives them the chance to cover a lot of distance when they swim. The people who enjoy more athletic swimming will tend to want an indoor pool shape like this.

However, other people swim for relaxation or for more mild exercise. A smaller pool can give people more options regarding the surrounding interior design, making it a popular choice for customers who have different priorities.

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Additional Features

Installing an indoor pool isn't always enough. People often need nearby showers and changing rooms. Adding a hot tub or sauna is also popular.

Shopping for both an indoor pool and a sauna can be fun. Indoor pool designs and outdoor pool designs often differ. However, people can usually use the same pool accessories in both pools.

People will usually want to add deck furniture since they'll want to relax beside the indoor pool. The deck furniture can also add a lot to the area in other ways. All the rooms look less empty when they're full of furniture, including rooms with pools. Indoor pools are inherently luxurious, and the right indoor pool designs will only enhance that effect.

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